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Q. We’re on a tight budget—how can we afford to hire a wedding consultant?

A. By helping you stay within your budget and avoid costly mistakes, Details Within actually helps you save money. There are many ‘extras’ and traps that engaged couples encounter which increase the total cost of their wedding. In discussing your dream wedding and the budget you have, all factors will be considered in your total budget. No surprises in the end means no extra money to spend. Furthermore, a wedding is no time to ‘settle’ on anything. Details Within will assure you the best value and vendors for your money, no matter the size of your budget.

Q. If my church/reception hall already has a coordinator, why do I need another one?

A. Think of your wedding consultant as your personal assistant. We are exceptional at seeing the grand scheme of the day and assuring smooth transition of all the components of your wedding. While church and reception coordinators are busy lining people up and seeing that the food is being served properly, we will be by your side. Your assistant will make sure the bridal party is ready for pictures, the DJ arrived and set-up on time, and that the little details are attended to—do you have your bridal emergency kit, is the gift table being watched, is your cake knife ready for the cake-cutting ceremony? You will be able to relax and enjoy your special day while Details Within anticipates emergency situations, helps you stay on your timeline, and attends to the little thing you planned for your wedding.

Q. My fiance and I enjoy planning our wedding and want our big day to reflect our ideas and personality. If we use a wedding consultant, will we still have control over the planning process?

A. Details Within provides many unique ideas and resources; however, we are here to help you, not override any of your desires or decisions. We will work with you to bring your ideas together and incorporate them in all aspects of your wedding day. We will provide recommendations and take on the worry of how to make everything work. You will enjoy the fun of planning your wedding, while leaving the logistics, timelines, and to-do lists to Details Within. We help you narrow down the many factors that create a wedding, while you make all final decisions for your big day.



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