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Kristin & Jude Augusta  ~  November 11, 2006

Photo By Details Within

I plan events for a living, so I know that no matter how much you plan, things do go wrong at events. I made the decision early-on that I wanted to hire a day-of coordinator. I chose to hire someone to deal with the details of my wedding day so that I could enjoy the day with my new husband, our family and friends and not sweat the details. I met Danielle and knew immediately that I would put my wedding in her capable hands.

She was responsive to every question I had. She was reassuring with a quick call and a quick email to make sure that I was staying calm and to offer assistance along the way. She detailed a timeline for my day and contacted all of my vendors to assure that the day would go as planned.

Danielle understood how much effort I put in to all of the details of my day. She was right there to assure that everything was just as I had planned - or BETTER. At one point, during the morning of my wedding, the flower girl pails went missing (by the venue). Before I even knew about it, she had called the florist and arranged for a plan B - which included having the florist return to her shop and PAINT NEW PAILS!

She was a life-saver in corralling the 27 people in the wedding party, decorating the church - you name it - Danielle was there for me and my new husband. She even took some great pictures - ones that my photographer missed! She was calm, friendly, helpful - everything you need and want in a coordinator. She came up with the idea to move my cake to the center of the dance floor so that everyone could see the cake cutting - and then she, the DJ and his assistant carried the cake table themselves!!

My husband, my dad and everyone in the wedding party still comment that Danielle was the best money we spent on that wedding. I was able to let go of "planner mode" and enjoy the day - and she assured that it all went perfectly.

I would enthusiastically recommend Danielle to anyone planning her wedding or looking for day-of services!


Tracy & Michael Canavan  ~  October 21, 2006

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Danielle was there for me during the planning process as well as on the Big Day. She was so helpful in being the middle person between my venue and me. On the day of the wedding she was great, always there if I needed anything, there to help my guests and bridal party as well. If I had to do this all over again I would contact Danielle first!!


Beth & Michael Munzy  ~  October 14, 2006

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Danielle of Details Within made ALL the difference in how much my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our wedding weekend. We hired her for the "Day Of" coordination services, which she did brilliantly, plus she provided us with so much more. When problems arose with the caterer in the final two weeks, she smoothly took over the role of liason with them, allowing us to be relieved of that anxiety. Once she arrived in the afternoon on the day before the wedding, we felt like all of our anxieties were over. She seamlessly ran EVERYTHING, and ours was a complicated event; since we held it on private property belonging to friends, we had to create everything from scratch - two tents, lights, boardwalks, ceremony seating, string quartet, stoves and other equipment for the caterers to cook with from the garage, a band, stage, dance floor, tables, chairs, dishes etc. for the formal seated dinner for 175 people, a hairdresser, make-up artist, portable restrooms, two clergy, buses for the guests, the list could go on. Once we turned over the names and numbers of the vendors to Danielle, she made all the final confirmation calls, and seamlessly managed ALL of them that weekend. While catering problems continued through the event, Danielle didn't let the problems bother us at all; she just took care of them. We consider our wedding to have been absolutely perfect, and a huge part of that is because of Danielle. She took care of a million details, such as lighting and re-lighting candles in lanterns during very windy conditions, helping our lost bus drivers find the event, even finding last-minute babysitters for the kids of a guest whose child care fell through. I would trust her explicitly with any event, large or small. She is organized, efficient, and a real pleasure to work with from start to finish.


Patricia & Peter Kilburn  ~  April 22, 2006

Photo By Cameron Photography

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your work to pull off a fantastic evening. The food, the decor, the flowers, the JP, THE CAKE - absolutely perfect. Pete and I had such a great time, as did everyone else. More than one person approached us with "this is the best wedding ever."

Donald Egan & Michael Kobos  ~  June 12, 2004

Photo By Tara Bricking

Danielle, What an extraordinary day you planned for us! We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. Your coordination was essential to achieving the wedding of our dreams. Your attention to detail, your creativity and your resourcefulness all came together to make our wedding day very special indeed. It is unbelievable to think that you were able to pull everything together so quickly, no matter how unusual the request. Your idea of the beach ball wedding invitations really got things off to a great start. Everything started moving so quickly and yet seemed so seamless on the actual day. The balloons were a masterpiece and the table centerpieces turned out perfectly! I canít tell you how many guests said that it was the best wedding theyíve ever been to, including their own! Iím a little bit biased but it was definitely the best wedding Iíve been to. The coordination on the actual day was perfect, the food was wonderful and everything flowed so smoothly, we are so grateful. Thank you again for a wonderful memory. With our sincere appreciation,
                                                             Donald and Michael

Chi Hae & Scott Leonard  ~   October 18, 2003

Danielle's services for day-of-wedding coordination was invaluable to me, my fiance, and my family. Even though I had an excellent banquet manager, the peace of mind you get when you know that someone is overseeing every aspect of your wedding day was simply wonderful. When some of our guest got lost on route from the chapel to the country club, Danielle was able to easily handle the situation -- my husband simply handed his cell phone to her while we were able to continue greeting our guests. From the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception, the wedding party and the families relied on her to keep track of the timeline and to direct us to where we needed to be. The banquet manager coordinated with her to ensure that things moved smoothly the entire night. She also oversaw all the important things that I requested: ie, certain photos I wanted taken, and it was a good thing too since our photographer disappeared for part of the night. You never know what's going to happen and that's why I was so grateful for Danielle to handle anything and everything that can come up on the biggest day of your life! She was a pleasure to work with and my husband and I agree that having her coordinate our wedding was one of the smartest decisions we made when we were planning our wedding.

Tina & Kurt Guthmann  ~  August 30, 2003

Photo By Cameron Photography

Thank you for making our wedding day a success! We had a unique challenge in that our wedding reception was held in our home which meant we had the extra burden of taking care of the food, rentals, and setting up. Thanks to you, we were able to enjoy our wedding day without worrying about a single detail. In addition to overseeing the church service, you made it back to our home, 18 miles away, and still made sure everything was set up, that everything ran according to schedule, and that our vendors knew where to go and what to do. I was a nervous bride-to-be with many things still left undone the night of the wedding. I gave you an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper completely filled with things to do (front and back). By the time my husband and I reached the reception they were all done! Three years later, people still tell us how much they enjoyed our wedding. Thank you again for all your help and making our day one that we will always fondly remember.



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